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Survey software giving effective output statistical analysis & data visualisation

Merlinco develop, support and licence the ultimate software application for survey analysis professionals: MERLIN.

Our survey analysis software will save you money through improved productivity, enhance your own product with better output, and make more effective use of technology through integration. Helping you with your market research with data management, data cleaning our survey software tools is the ideal solution for statistical analysis and the visualisation of data to make better decisions.


Merlin analysis software for professionals   free trial

MERLIN analysis software big data analytics for professionals

MERLIN is a comprehensive software package for survey analysis and tabulation. It has been continually developed for over 30 years, and is highly acclaimed and extensively used within the Market Research industry.

MERLIN Benefits

Productivity. Importing survey data and metadata directly into MERLIN enables users to set up analysis specifications quickly and efficiently.

Presentation. Final output can be customised to meet the in-house styles of you and your clients, and enhanced via the application of Merlinco bespoke solutions.

Connectivity. Merlinco software ensures full connectivity with other survey software and third-party applications, including MS Office. The project analysis lifecycle from data receipt to tabulations and data visualisation is fully supported.

Data manipulation. If your data file needs editing or summarising, MERLIN has powerful features to clean or enhance data.

Key Features

Data editing and listing
Cross tabulation with full labelling
Full table manipulation
Many statistical functions including significance tests and correlations
Weighting including rims and/or targets, single or multi-stage
Tables export to MS Excel / Acrobat PDF/ MS Word ability to re-run tables to change text and formatting, without re-reading the data
Import and export ASCII, column binary, CSV, MS Excel data
UTF-8 encoding supported in both labels and data
Includes the “pre-processor”–a powerful macro system for handling any type of repetitive specification
Processing of hierarchical data structures
Merging dis-aggregated and / or aggregated data from different surveys
Hundreds of formatting options
Merlin toolkit full statistical analysis & data visualisation tools

MERLIN Toolkit data transfer application

MERLIN Toolkit is a utility for bridging between different software packages. It is supplied free with MERLIN, but can be purchased as a standalone program.

Key Features

Imports from a large range of packages and data formats (including ASCII, CSV, SPSS) into Merlinco software, and similarly exports from Merlinco software
May be used to transfer data between packages and data formats without using MERLIN
Industry standards supported
Supports the Triple-S standard, linking you with hundreds of other packages, e.g., Tabx, Indico Labs, Askia, Forsta, NEBU, NIPO, Snap XMP, Quantum, Survox (CfMC), UNICOM Intelligence (Dimensions), Voxco
Imports from / exports to SPSS SAV files, with no SPSS installation necessary
MTWA   Survey and market research software by Merlinco


MERLIN tables into MSWord and Adobe PDF formats.
MTWA converts tables from plain text format to Word or PDF tables, giving the user complete control over formatting. It is supplied free with MERLIN.

Key Features

Word / PDF output

MTWA can be used to process reports generated by MERLIN
Landscape or portrait tables can be produced
Client logo can be added in specified position on each page
Boxing can easily be added with a choice of single, double or bold styles
Table of contents with hyperlinks to tables automatically generated
User can define the style (font, colour, justification, etc) of each item on the page (e.g., title, row label, figures, percentages)
Styles can be saved and re-used

Word output

Each page of the report is formatted as a Word table, with each item in a separate cell
A Word template is used to define the style of each cell
Output can be converted into an HTML file for uploading to a webpage

PDF output

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is the only system requirement

Merlinco Bespoke Survey Software Statistical Analysis Solutions

In addition to the Merlinco software suite, our in-house team of developers will create customised applications to manage any “out of the box” issues that relate to your data and/ or reporting. Recently, we have created solutions that:

  • Perform column-based indexing on every break group and table
  • Highlight MERLIN generated significance indicator MS Excel cells in colours selected by the user from a full Windows palette
  • Restructure survey data by converting strings of respondent data into stacked hierarchical data
  • Highlight MS Excel table cells (fill and font) based on pre-defined conditions and colour selections

No matter if it’s big data analytics, statistical analysis, or visualisation of data our survey software with free trial has the solution for every problem – contact us today and we’ll develop the bespoke application to solve yours.

Merlinco bespoke software with free trial   try it today!

Merlinco have partnered with Tabx Systems and Indico Labs to offer a wider range of survey data analysis solutions.

TABX   visualisation of data
INDICO   Turn your data into great Powerpoint Presentations using our software

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