Survey data processing / exploration

Merlinco is a leading supplier of software for survey data processing.

Our flagship product MERLIN is the most powerful and efficient script-based package available, aimed at data processing professionals, and offering enormous flexibility in usage and output options. Despite the huge number of existing features, MERLIN is under continuous development, with new features being added and released nearly every month in response to user requests. Merlinco pride themselves on maintaining a close relationship with their clients – and their training and support services, which help users get the most out of the software, have a very good reputation.

An alternative to MERLIN is MERLINPLUS, which captures most of the power of MERLIN, but is aimed at less frequent users. It is a complete survey data processing tool, covering everything from questionnaire design, data entry, and multi-media interviewing, through to analysis, charting and data exports.

Merlinco also offers tools for survey data exploration – including FASTAB (desktop based) and MORE (web based). These packages may be used before the main tabulations are set up, in order to see which questions are worth tabulating in detail – or after the main analysis, perhaps when writing a report, or producing charts for a presentation. The essence of these survey data exploration packages is their speed – a cross-tabulation based on 1000’s of respondents can be specified and displayed on screen in a few seconds. Tables and charts produced by both these packages can be displayed on screen, printed, or downloaded into files for use elsewhere.