Survey research analysis software

Merlinco is a long-established supplier of survey research software, offering a range of products which not only cover the entire survey process, but enable different types of users to select the product most suited to their need. Our software is used by research agencies, airports, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, local authorities … or, in short, everybody wanting to conduct research!

• Our flagship product is MERLIN – the leading survey analysis software tool – a script based package aimed at the data processing professional. Once learned, the MERLIN language is the most efficient and powerful way to process survey data. MERLIN has hundreds of options to generate tables just the way you want them – and they can be output in Microsoft Excel or Word, or Adobe Acrobat files.

MERLINPLUS captures most of the power of MERLIN without the need to learn the language – and is a complete survey research software tool, covering everything from questionnaire design, data entry, and multi-media interviewing, through to analysis, charting and data exports.

FASTAB and MORE are end-user tools, primarily intended for tabulating and charting data already processed by MERLIN or MERLINPLUS – but other data can be used. The two packages have similar functionality, but FASTAB is a desktop tool, whereas MORE runs online.

Besides all the above, we have MERLIN Toolkit, which forms a bridge between our survey analysis software and other packages (e.g. Quantum, SPSS, Triple-S).