Kathy AbbottAs well as selling and supporting survey analysis software, Merlinco also have their own Production Department to do your analysis for you. It is managed by Production Director Kathy Abbott.

Our main expertise is tabulation of survey data, but we can also provide:

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We can provide tables that range from simple analysis of all questions by one crossbreak, through to those with complex analytical, statistical or weighting requirements.

Tables can be output in many formats such as Excel, Word, PDF,  and Winyaps, using different font styles and sizes, and your client logo included, giving highly professional output. We work to MRQSA Industry standards and can assure a high quality of service.

For users of Merlinco software, we can provide back up cover for holidays, sickness and peak periods – and technical support for complex projects.

Coding and data entry

Starting from hard copy questionnaires, we can handle the entire survey analysis process from full coding and data entry, through to tabulation and file exports. We can also import data supplied in many different formats, e.g. from web or CATI packages.

File Exports

Survey data can be output in a range of formats, together with scripts, enabling you to do further analysis in other packages, e.g. SPSS, SAS, Quantum, Excel – or we can provide our own packages for further analysis: FASTAB or MERLINPLUS Database.

We import from and export to the triple-s standard.

Survey management

We can manage your surveys including advising on questionnaire design, questionnaire printing and, on postal surveys, providing a Business Reply Service and managing the returned questionnaires.


“Since we started using Merlinco for our data processing, we have found the service reliable, punctual and accurate. We find that they take the extra step to ensure that the data they produce is best suited to our clients’ needs.”
Howard Thrift, Linda Jones and Associates

“Kathy and her team at Merlinco always provide us with a flexible and reliable service. They meet our deadlines, which are forever changing and are very responsive and sympathetic to last minute requests. Above all, they use their knowledge and experience to provide insightful and accurate coding and data processing, resulting in outputs which we can trust. “
Sue Thamia, Synergy Healthcare Research