MERLINPLUS user-friendly survey processing

MERLINPLUS Data Fact SheetMERLINPLUS is a desktop survey processing system which guides you through the entire market research survey process.

MERLINPLUS captures most of the power of the MERLIN language, but without the need to learn the language, so it is aimed at less frequent users who do not have the time to  learn MERLIN and develop the skills needed to use it.

MERLINPLUS is easy to use and has a modular approach which integrates with other packages and applications in the survey process to eliminate duplication.

MERLINPLUS Database makes the MERLINPLUS Tabulation module available to end-users, working from MERLIN or MERLINPLUS databases. (For a simpler end-user product, see FASTAB)

Key Features

Questionnaire design

  • easy and comprehensive design for all types of questions
  • automatic allocation of question numbers and data locations
  • easy to update and make changes
  • libraries of answer lists, questions, sections or entire projects
  • customisable output in Word

Analysis / Tabulations

  • standard or customised reports
  • powerful and flexible analysis options
  • many statistical options
  • rim or target weighting
  • table manipulation
  • range of professional presentation layouts
  • manages all types of surveys
  • tables export to Word / Acrobat / Excel / TabsML (preferred export for E-Tabs)

Interviewing / Data Entry

  • desktop CAPI / CASI module with interview and edit modes
  • MPE included free for fast data entry / editing / verification

 Imports / Exports

MERLINPLUS Screenshots

MERLINPLUS main screen

MERLINPLUS main screen

MERLINPLUS questionnaire definition

MERLINPLUS questionnaire definition

MERLINPLUS interviewing

MERLINPLUS interviewing