MERLIN Toolkit imports and exports

Data Fact SheetMERLIN Toolkit is a utility for bridging between different software packages.

It is supplied free with MERLIN and MERLINPLUS, but can also be purchased as a standalone program.

Key Features

  • Imports from a large range of packages and data formats into Merlinco software, or exports from our software to a similar range
  • May also be used to transfer data between packages and data formats without using MERLIN
  • Supports the Triple-S standard, linking you with hundreds of other packages, e.g. Voxco, Askia, Bellview, CfMC, Confirmit, Quantum, NEBU, NIPO, Snap, UNICOM Intelligence (Dimensions)
  • Imports from / exports to SPSS SAV files, without needing to have SPSS installed on your PC
  • Industry standards supported
    Triple-s TabsML


MERLIN Toolkit import / export lists

Click HERE to download SPSS to triple-s converter (version 2.3)