MTWA MERLIN tables into Word and Acrobat

MERLIN to Word / Acrobat (MTWA) converts tables from plain text format to Word or Acrobat tables, giving the user complete control over formatting.

It is supplied free with MERLIN and MERLINPLUS.

Key Features

Word / Acrobat output

  • MTWA can be used to process reports generated by either MERLIN or MERLINPLUS
  • Landscape or portrait tables can be produced
  • Logo can be added in specified position on each page
  • Boxing can easily be added with a choice of single, double or bold styles
  • Table of contents with hyperlinks to tables automatically generated
  • User can define the style (font, colour, justification, etc) of each item on the page (e.g. title, row label, figures, percentages)
  • Styles can be saved and re-used

Word output

  • Each page of the report is formatted as a Word table, with each item in a separate cell
  • A Word template is used to define the style of each cell
  • Output can be converted into an HTML file for uploading to a web page

Acrobat output

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro is not required – just the free Adobe Reader

Screenshot / Downloads

MTWA table

Click HERE to open an example of MTWA output to Word.

Click HERE to open an example of MTWA output to Acrobat