FASTAB desktop data exploration

Data Fact SheetFASTAB is a free data exploration package that allows end-users to easily analyse data held in MERLIN or MERLINPLUS databases (data from other packages can be imported using MERLIN Toolkit).

Survey data is expensive to collect, yet can be an under-used source of valuable information unless you are able to explore the data quickly, when you want, at little or no cost – and FASTAB gives you this facility. For a more powerful end-user product, see MERLINPLUS Database.

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Key Features

  • Quick
    Provides answers instantly, even on 1,000s of data records.
  • Easy
    Allows users to explore data and experiment with options at their leisure. There are graphical options built-in, and an export to Excel.
  • Flexible
    Very easy to learn – users get started within minutes and become familiar within an hour’s practice.

FASTAB Screenshots

Fastab Tables screen

FASTAB Tables screen

Fastab export to Excel

FASTAB export to Excel