Other Services we offer – Expand all of the below!

Web surveys

We can set up, host and manage your web surveys – using Merlinco’s own web interviewing system (Click here for a demo), giving you and your clients access to up-to-the-minute top-line results (click here for demo). Results can also be provided in data files and/or tabulations. Web surveys can be linked to external systems providing sample.

Coding and data entry

Starting from hard copy questionnaires, we can handle the entire analysis process from full coding and data entry, through to tabulation and file exports. We can also import data supplied in many different formats, e.g. from web or CATI packages.

File Exports

Survey data can be output in a range of formats, together with set-ups, enabling you to do further analysis in other packages, e.g. SPSS, SAS, Quantum, Excel – or we can provide our own packages for further analysis: FASTAB or MERLINPLUS Database.

We import from and export to the triple-s standard.

Survey management

We can manage your surveys including advising on questionnaire design, questionnaire printing and, on postal surveys, providing a Business Reply Service and managing the returned questionnaires.

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