Customer survey software

Merlinco offers a number of customer survey software tools, the main one being MERLINPLUS.

MERLINPLUS enables you to design a questionnaire from scratch (or to import text from a Word document), with easy-to-use facilities for inserting new questions, copying from previous surveys, and making changes – even after the survey has ‘gone live’. Grids, question routing, interviewer instructions, numeric calculations, display of earlier answers, and multi-media files can all be incorporated into the survey with minimal effort.

Interviews can be conducted from the desktop (MPI-Desktop), online (MPI-Web), or on a large range of mobile devices (MPI-Mobile). Alternatively, a printed questionnaire can be produced for postal or face-to-face customer surveys, and the data entered subsequently from the completed questionnaires. All these methods produce compatible data, so mixed mode surveys are easy to manage. Data from both MPI-Web and MPI-Mobile surveys can be uploaded to Merlinco’s or the client’s own server, where up-to-the-minute top-line results can be viewed.

When it comes to the analysis of the data, tables and charts can be generated very easily and efficiently in MERLINPLUS itself. Tables can be output in Microsoft Excel or Word, or Adobe Acrobat files, and there are hundreds of options to vary their content and appearance. We also offer several other customer survey software packages, aimed at different types of user: FASTAB and MORE are extremely easy to use, and suitable for end-users, whereas MERLIN is aimed at data processing professionals who can produce very complex analysis from the data.

Also included with MERLINPLUS is MERLIN Toolkit, providing bridges from and to other software packages. This means, for example, that an end-user can analyse the completed project in SPSS – or, using the Triple-S standard, they can read the data into a host of other customer survey software packages.