Analysis Software & Services

Analysis Software & Services

Merlinco’s production department has some of the most experienced and highly rated data processing personnel in Market Research, working on a full array of projects: large and small, simple and complex: specialising in data analysis of pharma/medical studies, the public sector and consumer research. Our Analysis Software & Services can be adapted to suit your requirements.

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Our principal expertise is in the production of Tabular Analysis, augmented by Survey Data Delivery, Data Visualisation (Dashboards, Online Charting), and customised reporting services.


We guarantee to deliver your data analysis results right and on time


Our lead analysts have over 50 years of experience in this specialist field. We understand what survey research is about and will offer insight and advice to ensure you get the most from your data.

Quality Software

In addition to our extensive experience, our procedures are designed to fully interrogate data – comprehensive quality checking uncovers issues early and correcting these in advance results in completely accurate final deliverables.

Reliability & Flexibility

We will work with you to define key dates in the project lifecycle, keep you informed on progress, as we appreciate the ever- changing nature of Market Research, and always deliver your results on time.

Added Value

Merlinco add value by making sure clients get comprehensive, easy-to-understand and actionable survey analysis whilst minimising the time required for data checking and amendments. This allows you to focus on insight, reporting and presentation

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Tabulation – Tabular Analysis

Tables production ranging from simple analysis of all variables by a single cross break, through to complex analytical, statistical or weighting requirements.

Professional tables output in MS Excel, MS Word, Adobe PDF formats, using different font styles and sizes, and inserting your client logo. We work to Market Research Quality Standards Advisory Board (MRQSAB) industry standard and can assure a high quality of service.

File types

Merlinco software users can obtain back-up cover for holidays, sickness and peak periods – and technical support for complex projects, by contacting the production team here

Merlinco   Data delivery

Data delivery

Survey data and metadata can be output in a range of formats, enabling you to do further analysis in other packages and online platforms, e.g., SPSS, Tabx, SAS, Indico Labs, Quantum, MS Excel.

We import from and export to thetriple-s survey industry standard.

Customised reporting with Merlinco Software

Customised Reporting

Our in-house team of developers create bespoke applications to deliver your non-standard reporting needs, inclucing massive data analytics.

Every problem has a solution – contact us today and we’ll build applications to develop your customised reports.

TABX   visualisation of data
INDICO   Turn your data into great Powerpoint Presentations using our software
Merlinco Big Data Analysis Software Reporting

Big Data Analytics

Data Analytics: in addition to Market Research survey data, Merlinco manage large data sets, from any industry, for expert Big Data Analysis. Are you facing challenges with analysing Transportation, Sales, Utilities, Customer/ Client Management, Financial, Supplier data? Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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