Client Testimonials

Richard Turner, Operations Director, Prevision Research Ltd

“I have been a user of MERLINPLUS for around 10 years and have always found it very easy to use. The support service is excellent, if I ever have any difficulties they are always on hand to help and I usually get a response to my query in minutes rather than hours. I also use the web interviewing system which is very simple to use when you have a good understanding of CSS.”

Ed Griffiths, Watermelon Research

“We find Merlin to be a powerful tool that allows us to process data in a way that other packages cannot.  It is a our software of choice for producing tabulations and data files, and has been for many years.

A close relationship with the Merlinco team means that whenever we have a query the answer is very quickly at hand, and in a way that is easy to put into practice.  When we have development needs the software is updated within a very short timeframe.”

Michael Virks, Operations Director, YouthSight

“I have always found Merlinco’s support outstanding. All my queries are answered very quickly, and most are resolved with the first reply. If software development is required to address an issue, this is often turned around within a few days.”

Marcos Valera, Independent Consultant

“After 14 years’ experience of Quantum, I started using MERLIN in 2011, and have found that everything I did in Quantum I have been able to do in MERLIN. Some features of MERLIN I have found much easier to use – such as tabulating variables side-by-side in summary tables – so I would certainly recommend it to anyone thinking of switching from Quantum”