About Merlinco

About Merlinco

Merlinco develops and supports a range of survey analysis software packages used for data analysis and visualisation by market research agencies, consultancies and end users throughout the world.

Merlinco provides an established, flexible and outstanding analysis software suite, headed by our flagship product MERLIN the leading script-based Market Research data analysis application for data processing professionals. MERLIN facilitates complex crosstabulation and comprehensive data editing and reporting. MERLIN Toolkit is a data management application, that enables easy transfer of data to and from third party software, and includes tools to enhance extended reporting and data merging.

Developing Analysis Software Suite for Market Research agencies

In addition to the provision of a fully supported software suite, Merlinco’s experienced consultancy team manage Market Research production projects, via the delivery of tabular analysis, bespoke data reporting, and online data visualations

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About Merlinco covering survey analysis software for market research

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Merlinco fully adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and our policy on data protection may be found here.

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Merlinco was established in 1991, and are experts in the provision of survey analysis software and in the delivery of tabular and visual analysis for Market Research projects.

We have built a reputation of being extremely responsive to user requests, and implementing enhancements very quickly. Our products are continually developed, keeping pace with the ever-changing demands of Market Research analysis, and the challenge of larger and evolving data sets. Our staff are highly experienced survey analysts who understand the needs of our clients and the market.

For more details or advice on the Merlinco Analysis Software Suite, including the merlin toolkit data management software and services please get in touch with the team on 020 7846 0128 who be able to help you and offer a free trial of the software.

Merlinco survey software is powerful, flexible, user-friendly, cost-effective, and handles all types of market research data. We also pride ourselves on the quality of our support and training delivery.

Merlinco are members of the following organisations, and are also sponsors of ASC.

Merlinco Personnel

Simon Stephen
Simon Stephen Managing Director

Simon joined Merlinco in 2019 with 29 years of experience in survey data processing in the Market Research industry, including work at several leading research agencies. He spent the last 19 years at the specialist service provider SwissPeaks where he was an owner and director. Merlinco are employing Simon’s combined expertise of data processing analysis techniques, software applications and the development of bespoke analysis solutions.

John Tebboth
John Tebboth Support and Training Director

John joined Merlinco in 1991. For 19 years he worked at MAS Research (now part of Kantar TNS). As a specification writer, he used several tabulation packages including MERLIN, and converted the entire DP operation to MERLIN. Eventually becoming DP director, his responsibilities included data entry and CATI as well as survey tabulation. An excellent speaker, he has always taken a special interest in staff training and user documentation, which is reflected in the work he now does at Merlinco.

Kathy Abbott
Kathy Abbott Production Director

Production Director. Kathy joined Merlinco in 2008 to start our Production Department, which she has managed ever since. Kathy has over thirty years experience as a MERLIN script writer, and has worked for a wide range of clients, but her particular expertise is in healthcare research.

Keith Hughes
Keith Hughes Software Development Director

Keith founded Merlinco in 1991. His career began in 1965 at MAS Research, where his interests began to focus on computerised survey analysis. After working at ICL, CRC and Libra he became a consultant in 1973 and co-authored the prototype version of MERLIN. In the 1980s he helped found the Tab Shop and Market Research Software, and has continued developing MERLIN ever since. In 2010, Keith was made an Honorary Member of the Association of Survey Computing, in recognition of his work developing the Triple-S standard.

Chris Roffe
Chris Roffe Head of Software Development

Having worked closely with Merlinco since 2012, Chris joined the team in November 2022, continuing to maintain MERLIN Windows software. He is a self-taught programmer with over 30 years’ experience working with various computer systems in a variety of industries, both commercial and government. Chris is also responsible for developing and, in conjunction with our Production team, delivering bespoke software and reporting solutions.

What clients are saying about our products and service

It was a mammoth piece of work even with batch processing….so the analyst earned his corn. The data are good–in the sense that they seem to have been analysed and presented accurately–and as a piece of work it looks very professional.

I have been a user of Merlinco software for over 10 years and have always found it very easy to use. The support service is excellent, they are always on hand to help and I usually get a response to my query in minutes rather than hours.

We find MERLIN to be a powerful tool that allows us to process data in a way that other packages cannot.  It is our software of choice for producing tabulations and data files, and has been for many years. A close relationship with the Merlinco team means that whenever we have a query the answer is very quickly at hand in a way that is easy to put into practice.  When we have development needs the software is updated within a very short timeframe

Since we started using Merlinco for our data processing, we have found the service reliable, punctual and accurate. We find that they take the extra step to ensure that the data they produce is best suited to our clients’ needs.

…the team at Merlinco always provide us with a flexible and reliable service. They meet our deadlines, which are forever changing and are very responsive and sympathetic to last minute requests. Above all, they use their knowledge and experience to provide insightful and accurate coding and data processing, resulting in outputs which we can trust.

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