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Merlinco is the leading and well-established supplier of Market Research data analysis software and survey processing services.

Including full connectivity with all data collection packages and the Microsoft Office suite.

Market Research Survey Analysis Software & Tabulation Software


Merlinco’s Survey analysis software benefits users via maximising productivity, together with flexible and powerful features that facilitate enhanced insight.

Also available  – Bespoke data visualisation and dashboard options, to further enrich your analysis.

Making Market Research more efficient.

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Survey Analysis Software & Data Visualisation


Merlinco has a dynamic and very experienced production team able to handle analysis projects at short notice regardless of level of complexity, on an ad-hoc or continuous basis.  Combined with a flexible and personable approach, this provides a reliable and cost-effective data analysis solution – correct and on time.

Experts in Market Research data analysis

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Data Processing Software by Merlinco

Merlinco develop and support the leading script-based Market Research analysis software for market research agencies, data processing professionals, consultancies and end-user clients worldwide.

Merlinco’s in-house production team provide a high-quality Survey Analysis Software and services, combining accurate and on-time deliverables with an engaging and amenable approach.

Our core product is MERLIN: for Market Research analysis professionals this is the most powerful, flexible, and efficient application available. Excellent training and support ensure that new users can become productive very quickly,

MERLIN Toolkit provides connectivity, via easy and quick transfer of data and meta-data, within the MS Office suite, and the wider Market Research data collection and analysis software community.


Merlinco survey software and analysis services

Merlinco Software / Analysis Services

Survey Analysis Software

MERLIN is the most powerful, flexible and productive software for Survey Data Analysis – the world’s leading script-based tabulation package.


Survey Software Free Trial

Analysis Services

Utilising Merlinco’s in-house suite of survey analysis software, our production team is here to meet all of your tabulation, data and analysing data needs.


Analysis Services by Merlinco

What clients are saying about our products and service

It was a mammoth piece of work even with batch processing….so the analyst earned his corn. The data are good–in the sense that they seem to have been analysed and presented accurately–and as a piece of work it looks very professional.

I have been a user of Merlinco software for over 10 years and have always found it very easy to use. The support service is excellent, they are always on hand to help and I usually get a response to my query in minutes rather than hours.

We find MERLIN to be a powerful tool that allows us to process data in a way that other packages cannot.  It is our software of choice for producing tabulations and data files, and has been for many years. A close relationship with the Merlinco team means that whenever we have a query the answer is very quickly at hand in a way that is easy to put into practice.  When we have development needs the software is updated within a very short timeframe

Since we started using Merlinco for our data processing, we have found the service reliable, punctual and accurate. We find that they take the extra step to ensure that the data they produce is best suited to our clients’ needs.

…the team at Merlinco always provide us with a flexible and reliable service. They meet our deadlines, which are forever changing and are very responsive and sympathetic to last minute requests. Above all, they use their knowledge and experience to provide insightful and accurate coding and data processing, resulting in outputs which we can trust.

Supporting you to reach your goals

Support is an important part of any software purchase and Merlinco provide an excellent service, characterised by rapid response times and flexible working hours to ensure your needs are met across all our range including analysing data and visualisation, big data and analytics, tabulation software, data processing and quantum replacement services.

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